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Our team

Vari Group’s extensive experience in the construction and building industry means we have the skills, knowledge, understanding, and expertise expected from an industry leader, along with a solid platform backed by a multitude of successful projects.

Our values and philosophies

Are based on respect and integrity, safety and wellbeing, communication, efficient responsiveness and service delivery through sustainability and continuous improvement and innovation with evidence through our policies and procedures.


is a key component of Vari Group management.


Performance monitoring and evaluation of core activities form an integral part of our system development.


A clear chain of responsibilities between management, project management, and site personnel is regarded as imperative for concise and effective control.


Communication is essential to company culture and the reliability of information to assist in the disciplined decision-making process.


Transparency of administrative processes are fundamental to regulatory / statutory compliance.


Diligent attendance to Client feedback is critical for improving operational effectiveness.

The Vari Group management team

has the significant benefit of vast experience gained from long term contribution in the construction / building industries. Skills, knowledge, understanding, and the expertise developed over successful project involvement provides solid platform for the development of the Group into a substantial stakeholder in the marketplace.

Listed below are a few of the Projects our team have been engaged on in management and contracting roles, which are representative of our diversity and experience.

Project Engagement and Delivery

Vari Group can accommodate your administration requirements in all phases of a project. Upon gaining mutual agreement of technical requirements, general scope, industrial framework, and of course, the rates, terms and conditions, Vari Group services can be engaged by client commitment made by various methods. Most comprehensive is a “blanket” preferred supplier agreement in which a simplified whole of business approach is secured. A purchase or work order can simply be issued on a job by job basis.

In any process of engagement, the client shall maintain liaison with the designated Vari Group CRM for the explicit purpose of harmonising and responding to all client needs.

Consistent communication

That includes site supervision and senior management

Seamless coordination

On every induction with the new employees


Reliable maintenance of PPE inventory

Toolbox management

Along with associated SWMS induction records

Client assistance

With resource planning and levels

Defined responsibilities

For records and data communication

Commitment to personal safety and wellbeing

As expressed concisely in the Vari Group WHS Policy, health and safety in the workplace, and general wellbeing of employees is of paramount consideration. It is an acknowledged reality that the construction and building work environment is an arena that presents the workforce with many potentially hazardous situations.

Work Safe – Home Safe

A proactive approach to site safety and diligent process management provide a benchmark to maximise the opportunity for “ZERO” LTI outcomes.

A few key implementations are below;

  1. Recruitment process collects and verifies applicability of candidate with scrutiny of Health, skills and experience

  2. Comprehensive Pre-Employment Induction is carried out

  3. Medical and drug screening on high-risk/government projects

  4. All relevant PPE is issued to employees and maintained

  5. Risk Assessments and the induction to applicable Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are conducted

  6. Verification of Competencies (VoC) are checked and Licences / Tickets / Certificates maintained in HR records

  7. Tool Box talks and Hazard identification are routinely conducted

  8. We will adhere to all specific requirements by the client to ensure the highest industry standard workforce standards and conditions.

Analysis and Reporting

Vari Group has the systems and capability to provide customers with detailed analysis and custom reporting. These reports include:

  • Job Costing Report – Breakdown of jobs by geographic area / site location / project manager

  • Labour Hire – Breakdown of CW1 to CW7 Rates

  • Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Reports to assist with budget

  • All reports are analysed by dollar and/or hours

  • Automated compliance audit assessment sent directly to clients by auditor (Contract Compliance Australia)

  • Monthly compliance reports sent to all clients including the following lodgements and payments;

  • CBUS/Superannuation



  • ATO – Business Activity Statements ICA

  • OSR – Payroll tax

Industry Leadership

Fair Work Australia

A collaborate approach to implementing Employment Instrument with Fair Work Australia.


Australian Employment Covenant


Support for the National Women and Construction Association

ISO9001 and AS/NZA 4801:2001

Development, implementation and maintenance of Quality Assurance systems


ABCC Determination of Compliance with Section 11

Mend Membership

Mend Membership (Injury Management, Prevention and Safety)

Biannual Contractor

Biannual Contractor Compliance Australia audits


Vari Group has been audited and accredited for all government funded projects under the Industrial Relations Employment Strategy (IRE).


Vari Group complies and agrees with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry and the Australian Government Implementation Guidelines (2009).

Vari Group

Vari Group has never been the subject of a sanction imposed under the code or guidelines.


Vari Group is not subject to any sanction or judicial decision relating to employee entitlements, appeals or claims.

National Code Compliance

Vari Group has a National Code Complianace with relevant legislation and industrial instruments

This focused approach results in the following outcomes:

Our Values

Industry Leadership

Vari Group is a privately-owned labour hire and traffic management company with an operating platform structured to ensure excellence in quality standards, competence and compliance.

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