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At Vari Group, we provide flexible work arrangements to ensure that we can meet both short term and long-term project requirements while maintaining strong working relationships with industry bodies. While ensuring those benefits are maximised for both our clients and the employees, we stand by our ability to supply your staffing needs with immediate access to suitable skilled personnel.

Our most important concerns are workplace efficiency and safety

The Vari Group management team has the significant benefit of vast experience gained from long term contribution in the construction and civil industry. Skills, knowledge, understanding and the expertise developed over successful project involvement provides a solid platform for the development of the Group into a substantial stake holder in the marketplace.

General Labourers

Hoist and Forklift Operators

Occupational First Aid Staff

Demolition Labourers

Civil Construction Workers

Covid Marshals

Mobile Crane Operators

Labour Hire & Recruitment

Traffic Controllers

On-site Inspection

Ute and Equipment Hire

TMA/VMS (Variable Message Sign) hire

Traffic Guidance Scheme Plans (TGS)

Road Occupancy License Applications

Traffic Management

What we deliver

Swift and transparent formal non-conformance resolution process

Focused on innovation and continuous improvements to our quality management system

Dedicated to training and empowering all employees

Dedicated to customer service excellence

Focused on quality outcomes for high calibre clients

Compliant with all relevant obligations, standards, and specifications – including ISO-9001

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